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December 18, 2009
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Chapter 1: Life in Furan

Two years have passed since Spyro and Cynder defeat Malefor and stopped the destruction of the world, like help to defend Warfang the city of dragons. Their stories are spread throughout the world, marveling at all, but even if the Dark Master has been defeated, there remain many evil creatures in the world, apes, grumblis, dark spirits, among other creatures.

The story begins with a young silver dragon, his chest and belly are gold, like their four horns which had two above his head and two shorter a little below of it, his wings were silver and membranes were gold, at the tip of his tail had a knife that was golden and his crest is golden, too and his eyes are blue.

His name is Cross, or so he thought as he never knew his parents but had a silver medallion with a ruby in the center and behind it the engraving had its name, is the only memento he has of his parents and he plans to one day find them wherever they are.

He lives in a small town called Furan where it was not exactly happy. Cross lives alone in a small cave near the village he found a few years ago, before he lived on the street, as the townspeople despised him and avoided him for no reason, not just the adult dragons but also cheetahs, he always asked:

"What I have done? I hurt them? Do I ofended them? What did I do to treat me this way?" These same questions are repeated by him for seventeen years from the day he was born without ever finding an answer.

As you can imagine he had no friends, other young dragons, seeing as Cross was treated by adults, teased him and teased the both on the streets of Furan, as in the small academy he attended Cross to learn history, how to fight, discover their elemental powers and flying.

Although Cross quickly learned to fight and defend themselves for some reason he couldn't reveal his elemental powers, which he had produced some disadvantage when he have to train or fight with other dragons, and with respect to fly... well lets just say it was not his favorite class.

Cross always had to know how to take care of himself, but there was an old dragon that always helps and gives advice when he need it or maybe when he just need to lift the mood, Cross could talk to him, he could say he was the closest to a friend and a father he had, his name is Igni. He was always there for Cross since the day he was born, when Cross sick Igni take care of him until he felt better, sometimes inviting him to dinner, other times he taught special lessons of history because he had been the history professor of the academy many years ago. Igni raised him to be a kind and gentle dragon, and that's because everyone in town hated him, Cross began to hate them too, but Igni not let that hatred dominate him. Igni educated him as a good father would do.

Something that caught the attention of Cross was two years ago Igni attitude change a little, he could say that he was more attentive and concerned on him than before, also change his behavior a bit, as he was another dragon but Cross quickly forget it.

One afternoon Cross went to the house of Igni wanted to know why his elemental powers hadn't revealed yet. After a long walk from the academy came to an old wooden house with old engravings that Cross didn't know, without waiting call three times at the door and after waiting a few seconds the door opened revealing a huge red dragon with yellow belly, the horns were of a darker red, like the tip of his tail with flame shaped, their huge wings were also dark red and both the wings and across body bore marks of old battles.

"Hello, long time no see Igni" Cross greeting with a smile.

"Young dragon you come to visit me, please enter" Igni said to the young dragon leaving him enter to his home, which had two rooms, the room of Igni and the main room which had a table, some shelves with books with various spices and others thing, and a small fire on one side of the room.

"Do I have something to offer you? Let me see" said Igni addressing one of the shelves. Then come back with some candy that Cross adored.

"Well what can I do for you Cross?" wonder Igni sitting opposite him.

"I want to talk with you about my powers" he answer

"You still cannot reveal it?" Igni said knowing where this conversation was.

"I don't know what happen to me" he said holding his head "All other discovered his powers for years and I didn't even know what kind of dragon I was. For some time I thought, that because of my color, was a light dragon, but I don't think anymore. Academy teachers fail to make me learn the most basic techniques and it takes my mind" expired on a bit depressed.

"Do not worry young dragon, all is going to reveal in his time just be patient" said Igni trying to cheer him up sitting beside him covering it with one of his huge wings.

There was a moment of silence until finally Cross raise my head and stare at the wise old dragon's eyes.

"Thank you Igni I don't know what to do without you" he said smiling again "Well I better go home before dark and that I meet someone undesirable" add Cross thinking of someone in specific.

"You right, come again when you want" Igni said gentil.

"Don't worry I will, goodbye" greeting Cross going out by the door.

"So long young dragon and the ancestors look after you" greeting Igni before Cross go out the door and closed it behind him.

And now the long walk to home, Cross had to head first to the central square to then go to his cave. On the way Cross thought about what Igni had said, and he was right, his power are going to rebeal in his time only he has to be patient.

When he arrive at the central square, which was full of merchants selling all sorts of objects from around the world, and buyers who were both dragons and cheetahs, Cross began to head home when someone cry "Look who we have here boys, the "silver fool" the voice that Cross knew made him stop.

"* No, no them*" Cross thought as he leading the eye toward who had shouted "Hello Magnus" Cross said forcing a smile to the red dragon which was surrounded by his five friends  "What do you and your group is doing?" he asked with some curiosity.

"Nothing, just walked through the village" Magnus replied with a smile on his face. Magnus is a dragon with fire and earth attributes making him a tough opponent, is a red dragon with yellow belly, his crest, wings and tail with flame shaped were dark brown, he had gray horns like their eyes and had a dark green armbands and a ribbon in the stomach of the same color.

"We had fun with Mr. Tolus" added Frost, laughing. She is an ice dragoness, with ice blue body, her eyes were emerald green, his belly was blue, like her wings and her horns seemed to be made of ice. She had red bracelets and a necklace with rubies in it, she also had a dagger, Cross knew that his father had given that to her before dying.

"And it's fun to annoy an old and blind earth dragon?" Cross asked sarcastically.

"Of course" answer Fara revealing what they do, she is a fire dragoness, with red body and orange belly although that wasn't noted because a brown cloth covering her chest. Her eyes were red, she had a tail with knife shaped, she has four horns were light orange and her wings were similar to those of Magnus.

"And who command you to get you where you don't call?" ask Lium very angry. Lium is an earth dragon his body, eyes and wings are green his membranes were brown like his belly and his tail was shaped like a ball of rock, on his shoulders had small rocks and their horns were bent back and were light brown. He also has some black armbands on their forelimbs and a truss at the base of its tail the same color.

"Lium thats enough, come on guys lets find something to do" said Mila trying not to see directly to the Cross face. Mila is a thunder dragoness, her body was yellow and she had a blue belly like their wings, the membranes are pale yellow, she has four horns above her head two black and two yellow a little further down and her tail was a double blade. She always had a littel brown bag with her.

"Guys, I know what we can do" Celic finally said looking at Cross and laughing. Celic is an ice dragon was almost equal to Frost, but his eyes are yellow, their horns and wings were longer, like his tail. He had a silvery bracelets and armor on the base of his tail. Like Cross, Celic was an orphan but he was adopted by the Magnus's family.

The boys got the message and began approaching menacingly to Cross, he took his defensive position, but before they could do something Mila talk "Stop boys, I don't think this is a good idea"

"Why?" Celic ask. Then they all realized they all in the square watched to them.

Magnus sighed and said "Well guys we better go home, we will see Cross" Magnus greeting but Cross didn't return the greeting. While Magnus, Frost and Fara passed in front of Cross, he notice that Celic said something to Lium in the heard and when he finish passed in front of him without looking, then when Lium was opposite at Cross he look at him and with his hand forming a stone fist and hit with force at Cross in the chest knocking him backwards.

While Cross was geting up he could hear Lium leave laughing, Cross sat holding where he had been hit by Lium then listen to someone say something "Are you okay?" Cross raise his head to see who was in front of him, was Mila with a worried face.

"Let me see" she said, seeing the place where Cross had been struck, after revising Mila look in the small bag that she brought with her and pull out a bottle with blue liquid and then look at Cross "It's not so bad you just have to drink this and you will feel better" she said with a smile.

Cross was in silence a few seconds and then said  "Why you help me Mila? Before lifting the bottle.

"Because I thought it was the right thing" she answered, blushing, but Cross didn't notice. "Well, I have to go" she said before leaving.

"Goodnight and thank you Mila" greeting Cross while she was leaving.

"Goodnight Cross and it was nothing" Mila said as she walked away blushing for the greeted and thanked of Cross

Cross, after stumbling with the team of Magnus, the team Vulcano, finally came to his cave. He laid on his bed in a corner of the cave looking at his necklace and thinking why Mila had helped him, he kept thinking until he became drowsy and fell asleep asking to the ancestors for a good day tomorrow. What he didn't know was that his life would change completely the next morning.
Yes :woohoo: finally finished the first chapter of my story... I'm exhausted because I had to finish this and study.
I hope you enjoy it.
Cross: Is a beautiful morning, all is quiet... Well it was. "Team Vulcano what they want now? "You are going to fight with me!? I do not like this anything, but... What is this happening to me? Maybe Igni know something.

In the next chapter: The internal power and the past are revealed. They spread the wings of adventure.
Cross, team Vulcano and the story belong to me.

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tallonran Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
good concept, though i know things are lost in translation (which makes it kind of hard to read) other than that, its a great start... interesting characters too
Demus22 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2010
Yes I have to work on the translation.
And thanks!! I working now on chapter 3...
Sakugen Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Very nice story. :)
But I cannot stress this enough, YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOURE GRAMMER!! Half the time I had to subsitute words just to understand what was going on.:? I'm not saying this to be mean, but it is a must if you what a good story like this to become great. ;) Good luck, can't wait to see more. ;)
Demus22 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2010
I sorry for the grammer but I write it in spanish and use a translator to pass to english...
That's the reason.
BTW thanks for all!!!
Hero361 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Dude way to go!!! Very Naruto-esqe!!! Cross is the Naruto, and Mila is the Hinata, IMMA WATCHN YOUSE NOWZ!!!
Demus22 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Is something similar but is not the same. You are going to discover soon...
Hero361 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Ok, can't wait to see what you got!
Demus22 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2009
Crazyloop8888 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
Nice first chapter dude.
Demus22 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2009
Thanks a lot.
I going to sumit the next soon but first I have to study :(
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